Homeschool Complete Curriculum Options

These programs offer complete packages for homeschooling grades K-12. They cover most or all of the subjects needed for each grade with some including high school. The curriculum usually includes student textbooks, teacher's guides, workbooks, assessments, and, if offering High School, transcripts and diplomas.

A Beka                                         
Accelerated Christian Education
Alpha Omega                             
American High School (9-12) 
Angelicum Academy                 
Bridgeway Academy                 
Catholic Heritage                      
Christian Liberty                       
Eagle Christian School             
James Madison HS (9-12)       
Kolbe Academy                          
My Father's World                    
NARHS (9-12)                            
Our Lady of Victory                  
Potter's School                           
Sycamore Academy                   

Resources By Subject

Language Arts:


Explode the Code
One of my favorites for teaching early reading skills, phonics, and spelling, this course, published by ETS, focus on sound recognition, sound-symbol relationships, spelling, word reading, and more,
Workbooks available for Preschool to grade 8. Also has a placement test - very helpful.

Spectrum Phonics/ Word Study Skills
There are a number of different levels for this phonics series. Check the web page under phonics as well as Language Arts.

Plaid Phonics
This series has stood the test of time! Originally published by Modern Curriculum Press, it is now published by Pearson. This is a very comprehensive, traditional phonics instruction - produces excellent results.

Horizons Phonics
A brightly illustrated, engaging workbook filled with consumable lessons and hands- on activities. This is Christian homeschool curriculum that uses a spiral learning method to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review, and reinforcement allowing students to quickly grasp difficult concepts in a colorful, motivating format. Available in grades PreK-12, 

Spelling and Vocabulary:

McGraw-Hill Treasures Workbooks for Spelling and Grammar   K-6

All About Reading & All About Spelling  Levels 1-4 (Early Elementary Phonics and Reading)

Logic of English (Early Reading Skills)