Writing Classes For Homeschoolers

Writing Fun Creative Writing for K-3

Wednesdays - time to be determined
Fall: Oct.18 to Dec. 13, 2017

Very young students need consistent and active writing experiences to become successful writers. In this class, students are provided with opportunities for creative writing within the context of strong teacher support in an encouraging and nurturing setting. Students will learn and practice new writing strategies and learn to share their writing with other students in a controlled and positive environment.

Writing Essentials: Essay Writing for Grades 4-6

Wednesdays - time to be determined
Fall: Oct. 18 to Dec. 13, 2017

Learning to write is a process much like learning to play the piano or learning to draw. The more you practice, the better you become. Using direct writing prompts, journaling, hands-on writing activities, and modeling, this class will help students to become independent writers as they explore the writing process in a positive and affirming learning environment. Special focus will be on the following essays: Personal Narrative, Process, Definition, Compare/Contrast, and Persuasive.

Writing Mastery: Essay Writing for Grades 7-12

Wednesdays - time to be determined
Fall: Oct. 18 to Dec. 13, 2017

This class will focus on improving essay writing skills with an emphasis on organization, clarity, using more mature vocabulary, and enhanced sentence structures. Each type of essay will be presented, discussed, and modeled as students work their way though pre-writing, revisions, and a final copy. Essay types will include: Personal Narrative, Process, Definition, Compare/Contrast, and Persuasive.

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Theresa Holden, a Bucks County home school evaluator, tutor, teacher, and homeschooling parent for the past 26 years.

Information & Registration<
Please call 215-750-1768 or email Theresa@HoldenHomeSchool.com

Please Note
It has been my experience that smaller classes are more successful as they allow for more individualized attention and a more comfortable learning environment. Based on this belief, I will make decisions regarding the organization of the classes based on the registrations I receive. I will be sure to keep you informed early of any changes I wish to make to the schedule and will work very hard to make these changes convenient for everyone.

Comments from Parents of Writing Class Students
"My girls were very reluctant to take a writing class, but Theresa made it fun for them. They really enjoyed it and at the end of the course actually told me to 'beg her to do another class' ".
Karen Hackmeister - Home School Mom

"Theresa's class brought a depth to writing instruction that I could not provide in a home school environment. Theresa's positive approach to teaching was a blessing to my son who struggles with writing. Every week he really looked forward to the class."
Lori Agostinelli - Home School Mom

Theresa Holden,
Sep 19, 2017, 9:02 AM