About Us

Theresa works with homeschooled students in grades K-8. Sanford works with homeschooled students in grades 8-12,

"We homeschooled our three children through high school. Our children are now adults, with undergraduate and graduate degrees and gainfully employed! Homeschooling was a great educational option for our family. We are both committed to helping current and prospective homeschoolers successfully educate their children at home. We are encouragers and supporters and work to meet the needs of families and students as they educate their children at home. Our goal is to help homeschoolers make the choices that will give them the best opportunity for success."

Our Services

Our services include end-of-year evaluations, mid-year evaluations as needed, curriculum design and selection, high school diploma programs, and private tutoring for students in all 50 states.

We evaluate your home education program to comply with the Pennsylvania Home School Law Act 169.

We are also available to consult with you to answer specific questions, problems, and concerns.